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Spearheading Aircraft Recycling 2.0 and Delivering Continuous Value Creation

We Partner with World-Class Industrial Partners to Drive Sustainable Growth

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Introducing Eco Fly AG Recycling 2.0


Eco Fly AG is a European Leader in Zero Landfill Aircraft Recycling, backed by the Swiss market leaders in Waste Management and Metal Recyclers.

Eco Fly is constructing a purpose-built hangar in Switzerland for MRO operations combined with end-to-end aircraft recycling in a world’s aerospace industry first Zero Landfill Waste Program.

Why Eco Fly AG?

“First of all, we look at aircraft as a huge toolbox of hardware, metals and components that are ready to be re-used. Aircraft are big depositories of aviation grade materials and components that offer huge opportunities for today’s circular economy. Remember: There is no waste in nature. We embrace that position with a passion, supported by decades of deep knowledge of waste management expertise by our business partners. Scrapping aircraft is so last century.

“Let’s start at the beginning – Eco Fly AG works with FAA and EASA Part 145 partners to dismantle, repair. overhaul and re-license valuable aircraft components, cockpit instruments, engine parts, .. to enter the second-hand avionics and aircraft components market in a controlled and secure way.

“Secondly, aviation grade copper, aluminium and other metals will be stripped from End-Of-Life aircraft by us to be re-purposed by specialized circular materials technology companies. Those companies have one thing in common: they all have an extensive expertise in the fields of material science, chemistry and/or metallurgy.

“Those two lines of determined thinking make Eco Fly AG a natural fit for what one of our partners define as “to leverage our unique position and mutually reinforcing portfolio of activities to accelerate the global transformation of mobility, respond to the growing need for advanced materials, and contribute to the pursuit of a global circular economy.” 

We could not agree more.

Eco Fly AG 101

“Important to understand is that Eco Fly AG is built on the shoulder of giants. First of all, thanks to Switzerland’s foremost waste management company, with unparalleled world-class know-how of advanced recycling processes. Then, there are our global aerospace supply chain and manufacturing partners with their proper considerations and challenges. Look at the graph below – Eco Fly AG works hand in hand with Tier, 1, 2 and 3 suppliers to meet the aviation grade manufacturing needs.

Diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages in a capacity-constrained supply market makes Eco Fly AG your go-to partner to strengthen the process of a continuous product security. That is true for sourcing raw materials as well as to mitigate disruption risks and importantly, helping to cope with time-to-market of emerging technologies.”

How does a Swiss company with a combined MRO and Recycling Aircraft operations creates money for the Aerospace Manufacturing Industry?

“Eco Fly is your depot of airworthy, and fully-licensed, commercial aircraft components. Taken out from End-Of-Life (EOL) Commercial Aircraft, our FAA/EASA Part 145 license allows us to bring a complete catalogue of secondhand aircraft components – all duly certified with Swiss precision – to the global airliner market. 

Our in-house R&D Department works with leading aerospace labs in Europe to research, redesign and develop new sustainable approaches and material destinations. Manufacturers are highly interested in obtaining these aviation grade commodities which lowers their energy consumption by up to 90 %. EcoFly is also a prime source for rare earth metals re-purposed from a commercial airliner’s framework. 

Last not least, every EOL aircraft offers up miles of cabling, as well as a wide range of certified electronic components ready to be re-used.”


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With an increasing amount of aircraft in the economical end-of-life stage and a growing environmental awareness…



The aircraft parts that are not returned to the spare-parts market are being processed to enter other destinations…



Eco Fly works together with well reputed FAA and EASA Part 145 maintenance companies …

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Eco Fly is your specialist and partner for a sustainable disassembly and dismantling of economical end-of-life aircraft.


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