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About Us

Eco Fly is your Swiss specialist and partner for a sustainable disassembly and dismantling of economical end-of-life aircraft. You may count on our expertise to handle parts and materials using the industry’s most innovative and environmentally friendly process of aircraft recycling.

Leading by Example

Eco Fly AG is a people-first company. We strive to create a unique, engaging work environment that fosters the kind of loyalty and long-term commitment that makes for consistently content employees, customers and suppliers.


Team of Experts

Eco Fly can bow on a tremendous amount of dedicated experience. All together, the company has over 30 years aviation- and teardown-project knowledge and over 50 years innovative recycling expertise.

Working with the best-in-class partners, creating an ecosystem surrounding our facilities, gives the highest guarantee for success of introducing the circular economy into aviation dismantling.

Company Information


Eco Fly AG, a Swiss company, was founded in October 2015 with the purpose to recycle aircraft materials and gained valuable experience in the handling and processing of phased-out aircraft. The corporation was rebranded Eco Fly AG in January 2022 and aligned its services portfolio by offering a one-stop-shop solution to handle end-of-life aircraft and to innovate sustainable approaches and material destinations. It opened its operations offices, technical shops and warehouse near Zurich Airport, Switzerland.


We are conducting business to perform and accelerate the sustainable phase-out of the entire end-of-life passenger and cargo aircraft and innovate new products and applications from recycled materials which were not returned to other destinations. During the aircraft’s life span we support owners and operators with dedicated maintenance services.


To be the world’s most efficient and innovative aircraft recycling company, we strive to feed parts and materials back into the aviation and other markets with the target to reuse close to 100% of the aircraft. With our highest possible return value of our phase-out methods we satisfy our customers.


We speak, live and deliver superior Swiss quality.

Count on our reliabilty, experience and certification, all characteristics for which Swiss companies are best known for.